the 7 wonders of the world

I think you know by now that I love collecting and using inspirational quotes and one of my favourites is

Some of the best things in life are not ‘thing’s but ‘feelings’

This is a fab story which I ‘borrowed’ from the Knowledge is King Website that reminds me of this.

the 7 [...]

7 tips to help you stay laser focused

What makes a successful person?  Well firstly success is personal so we all have a different definition of what success is and how we measure it.  Success is what it means to you it can be what you want it to be.  It doesn’t mean having loads of money.  Money is a way of keeping [...]

day 127 to 133 Ronda, Spain to Chefchaouen, Morocco

day 133 – Chefchaouen, Morocco

15th January 2012.  Today we walked into town to explore and there is a path and steps down which made it easy.  We were approached by some nice young and friendly Moroccan men that tried to convince us of the virtues of smoking hashish but we were having non of [...]

day 120 to 126 La Herradura to Ronda, Spain

day 126 – Ronda, Spain

8th January 2012.  A day chillin at the campsite and catching up on computer stuff in the sun.  Guess what we found out?  The laws for moving about Europe with your pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) changed on 1st January 2012 which meant that we would be able to take [...]

nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

I deliberated about sending this because I’m ‘Mr Positive’ and this article talks about death but my posts are about thoughts, ideas and experiences and if you live in the real world with me then this is reality. It is especially pertinent as its 12 months ago today that I lost a good friend and [...]

day 113 to 119 Caiscais Portugal to La Herradura, Spain


Harry & Emma on the beach on New Years day

day 119 La Herradura, Spain

New Years Day, 1st January 2011.  A nice slow paced day.  [The Williams Residence, La Herradura] 

La Herradura Beach

day 118 La Herradura, Spain

New Years Eve, 31st December 2011.  Today we had a Christmas day. Sue [...]

live each day as if it’s your last…

We are still here in sunny Ronda, Spain but planning to be in Morocco later on this week how exciting is that?  However it may mean I can’t write to you for a bit but I won’t know until we get there. 

I’ve been working on my 5 year plan and came across something in [...]

day 106 to 112 Nazare to Cascais, Portugal


Fire on Christmas Day


Christmas day AFTER the dip with cheeky beers


Christmas day DURING


Christmas day BEFORE


Christmas day on the beach


Christmas Eve Lunch

day 110, 111, 112 – Cascais, Portugal

23rd , 24th , 25th December 2011.  We spent four [...]

day 99 to 105 Ponte de Lima to Nazara, Portugal


The Knights Templar Fortress and Gardens

day 105 – Tomar to Batalha to Nazara, Portugal

18th December 2011.  The main attraction for us in Tomar was Tina’s fascination with the Knights Templar so we visited the Convent of Christ and the Knights Templar Fortress.  It always makes me wonder in amazement that these [...]

reflections on 2011

These are my reflections on 2011 have you done yours?

I am sitting here on a campsite in Ronda, Spain in a baking 26 degrees of sunshine writing to you on January 6th and as I mentioned in my last post fail to plan, plan to fail I think it’s a good idea to reflect [...]