make the most of your 4000 weeks – action step two

Action step two – I didn’t work so hard.  Antidote to: Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

I didn’t work so hard OR I have a great life/work balance Instead of ‘I wish I didn’t work so hard’ I suggested replacing that thought with ‘I didn’t work so hard’.  This is an OK affirmation but I would prefer a more positive one because the subconscious mind can’t process a negative so it could interpret “I didn’t work so hard” with I worked so hard.  I would prefer to use I have a great life/work balance

One way to create a great life/work balance is to use the ‘wheel of life’ exercise.

Wheel of Life – Imagine a wheel with 6 spokes and each spoke represents one of the 6 areas of life.   

  • Discovery & Adventure
  • Family & Relationships
  • Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Giving Back
  • Learning & Growth
  • Work & Finance 

Let me give you some examples of what each area of life is about. 

Discovery & Adventure is about travel, it’s understanding and experiencing other cultures, visiting museums, maybe going to the ballet or opera just something you haven’t done before it could even be trying new things like new foods.  Think of it as ‘jumping into your adventure zone’ as opposed to getting out of your comfort zone. 

Family & Relationships is spending time with your children or family or friends, developing relationships, meeting up with old friends or long lost relatives.   

Fitness & Wellbeing is the area of life that is important for your energy levels.  You need energy to achieve the things you want in life.  You should be eating a good healthy diet and taking exercise that is appropriate for you. 

Giving back is about contribution, rather than taking, what are you doing to give back?  Do you help youngsters by maybe running a local soccer team or club, do you give blood, do you work with a local charity or do you raise money through sponsorship for a specific event? 

Learning & Growth means if you’re learning and growing, you’re not dying.  So, this is an important area, what new skills are you learning, what are you reading, what are you listening to?   

Work & Finance.  It is important to create the income to help you do all the wonderful things that you want to do.   

Have you got a good balance between each area of life?  A great way to check is to refer to your dream list 


Categorising your dreams and goals 

In Action Step One – I have the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expect of me. I asked you to consider writing your dream list.  One way of working towards a healthy balance in your life is to firstly categorise your dreams into the six areas of life.  The way to do this is to take your journal and simply write down the areas of life as headings and then transfer from your dream list the dreams that are appropriate for the heading. 

As an example using the sample dream list from Action Step One your list might look like this: 

Discovery and Adventure

Explore America by car or bike

Explore New Zealand

Fly in a hot air balloon

Go on a cruise

Do a tandem skydive


Family and Relationships

Holiday home by the sea for the family

[In this example this area of life is lacking a few dreams so a good idea would be to think of what more could be done here]


Fitness and Wellbeing

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Cycle the UK coast to coast. 


Giving Back

Work for and / or donate to a charity

Donate to a charity

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity

Cycle the UK coast to coast for charity.  (One dream can fit in more than one category.)


Learning and Growth

Learn to speak a second language

Write a book

Learn to fly a plane or a paraglider

Learn to play a musical instrument

Be a confident public speaker

Learn to SCUBA dive

Learn to ski


Work and Finance

Get to the top of your compensation plan

Receive a residual income of at least £10,000 a month

Own a property portfolio

Own my dream car

Own your dream home overseas

Build your own house


Why bother?

Why should you bother to do this exercise?  Let’s go back to the wheel of life analogy and those six spokes and I want you to imagine if you’ve got one spoke shorter than another, what you could get is a wobbly wheel.  Have you ever felt that you go through life on a bit of a wobbly wheel?  In other words life is giving you a little bit of a rough ride.  What if you had a spoke missing?  Could it be possible that your wheel could collapse?  Do you know anybody whose wheel of life has collapsed, maybe because they focussed too much on their Work and Finance area of life and have neglected the Fitness and Wellbeing area of their lives? 

Now that you’ve done that exercise, do you feel that you’ve got some things missing?  (In the example above there was certainly room for improvement in the family and Relationship area).  Have you got an area of life where you haven’t actually got many dreams?  You might ask yourself the question is that area of life important to me?  If it is, you might think about putting some more dreams in that particular area of life.


Prioritising your dreams and goals 

Now that you’ve categorised your dreams into the six different areas of life, what I would like you to do is to prioritise your dreams.  To do this take just one single dream from each area of your life one that is really important to you, one that you really really want and that you would like to start work on now.  You should then have a list of six dreams/goals. 

Why have I asked you to prioritise your dreams/goals?  Well have you ever had that feeling that you are overwhelmed because you’ve got so many things to do?  By writing down your six most important dreams/goals it will help you focus on the six most important things that you would like to get started on now.   

Could you now commit to work on each of your six goals over the next four weeks?  It doesn’t mean you need to complete each one if it’s a big goal, but can you work towards it? 

If you did work on 6 goals every single month for 12 months you could have worked on 72 goals.  Is that more than you work on right now? 

Over a period of time if you are working on 6 goals every single month you will as a result get a more rounded wheel of life and have a much improved life/work balance and ultimately on your death bed you will never say ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’

Something to think about: 

‘My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.’ - Steve Jobs



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