BIG things happen on the BIG trip


day 179 of the BIG trip the first picture of Baby Williams

The BIG news is that Tina and I are expecting!  I think we are officially what’s known as ‘geriatric’ parents to be.  So what is a 53 year old (me) and a 40 something year old (Tina) thinking of.  I already have 3 wonderful children and my original life plan was when they all grew up to travel the world, do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, when I want to do them.   

However my purpose in life is to help people achieve their dreams and that starts especially at home with the family.  As you know I always recommend that you have a written ‘Dream List’ and its good to share your dreams.  Up until we went on the BIG trip I have always had the dream lists of Tina, Daisy, George and Harry stuck on the inside of my wardrobe door.  As a result slowly but surely many of the family dreams have been achieved and ticked of. 

On the top of Tina’s dream list has always been to have a baby.  Originally that wasn’t on the top of my dream list but over a period of time when you love someone and you are planning to spend your life together very often your individual dreams merge together and now our dream is set to become reality.   

Maybe the relaxing chilled out nature of the BIG trip has helped, maybe it’s the visits to the chiropractors before we left or maybe its just fate.  It looks like it all started in Spain and we found out the day after my birthday on 8th January that Tina was indeed pregnant.  However we decided to head of to Morocco for a chill and have waited before letting anyone know family included because we wanted to get the first 12 weeks over.  I can now confirm that Tina is now over 14 weeks pregnant and after having various scans and blood tests it looks like we are expecting a healthy BIG baby sometime in August.    

So what does this mean for the BIG trip?  We plan to head back to the UK for the beginning of August which will mean we have been exploring Europe for 11 months not the originally planned 12 months but you are allowed to change your plans! 

What does our exciting future hold?  When you think about it life is a ‘BIG trip’ so as soon as we have got into a routine with ‘Baby Williams’ and from memory that takes a while we don’t see the the BIG trip ever ending whatever we are doing, wherever we are in the world we will be making the most of our 4000 weeks!


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