7 tips to help you stay laser focused

What makes a successful person?  Well firstly success is personal so we all have a different definition of what success is and how we measure it.  Success is what it means to you it can be what you want it to be.  It doesn’t mean having loads of money.  Money is a way of keeping score but lottery winners are not successful, you can’t inherit success, you can’t marry into success and you can’t buy success you can only achieve it yourself.

However whatever your definition of success is, one thing I have noticed that all successful people have and that is the ability to stay focused on one thing and to see it through to its conclusion.

Successful people have laser focus.

In a past life I used to sell laser cutting systems and I was thinking about the term laser focus and realised that all the successful people I have met or read about have laser focus, they don’t let things distract them or obstacles get in their way.

A laser beam can cut through almost any material no matter what depth. It can slice through 6 inch steel plates for example.

However to do this miraculous stuff a laser cutting system must have a number of things present.

1. A laser beam needs loads of power which means that if we want to have laser focus we need to keep ourselves fit and healthy and powerful.

2. A laser beam can’t do everything on its own it needs a support gas such as oxygen. When we want to maintain our focus we need to have support from other people and we need to fill our lungs with the oxygen of life.

3. The beam in a laser cutting system is directed by a series of mirrors.  For the laser beam to be effective these mirrors need to be spotlessly clean.  For us to remain focused we need a positive self image when we look in the mirror we need to be spotless in mind and love and appreciate the person looking back at us.

4. The laser beam needs a lens to help it focus this needs to be clean and of high quality.  For us to be laser focused we need to eliminate negativity and fill our minds with positive high quality thoughts using all forms of personal development like books, CDs and training courses.

5. To cut through a thick piece of steel a laser beam needs to be focused not on the surface of the metal but at the bottom.  If we want to accomplish great things we need to have our focus on the end result not the surface details.

6. A laser cutting system needs regular preventative maintenance where it is taken out of service and parts are replaced and levels are topped up, just like we need regular breaks we need downtime to recharge our batteries and get topped up and regular medical checkups if we want to remain focussed.

7. A laser cutting system needs an expert who knows how to set it up and get the best out of it and if we want to perform at our best and remain laser focussed we need an expert who may be a coach or mentor to help get the best out of us.

Without power, without support, without a clean mirror, without a clean high quality lens, without focusing on the end result, without regular maintenance and without an expert to set it up a laser cutting system will lose its laser focus and cannot function correctly and it won’t even open a tin can let alone cut through a 6 inch steel plate.

It’s the same for us if we don’t stay fit and healthy we lose power, we need support of the oxygen of life and the people around us, we need to have a positive self image, we need high quality personal development, we need to focus on the end result not surface detail, we need to take a break every now and then to recharge and we need a coach and/or mentor to help us deliver our best.

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